What do I do if an online casino refuses to pay me my money?

November 30, 2015 | Money | By admin | 0 Comments
  • moneyFile a complain with the entity that has provided the online casino with a gambling license.
  • Contact sites and forums for online casino gamblers to warn other gamblers about the casino. Sometimes public naming and shaming will cause a casino to shape up and pay out the money.
  • If you believe that the online casino is really seedy and you have provided them with you credit card information, you might want to contact your card provider to have your credit card blocked and exchanged for a new one.
  • File a police rapport where you live or contact the police in the jurisdiction where the online casino is licensed. Please note that the amount of police resources devoted to this type of issue will vary significantly from one jurisdiction to another.

Before you take any of the steps above, try to get a clear answer out of the online casino about why they are refusing your request for a withdrawal. Online casinos and payment processors can be subjected to laws enacted to prevent money laundering, fraud, identity theft, and so on. Sometimes there is a valid and legal reason for them to refuse a withdrawal request. A player may for instance have failed to provide the casino with sufficient evidence of his or her identity and residency.