How do I know that the casino do not cheat?

November 30, 2015 | Security | By admin | 0 Comments

You don’t.

But there are steps you can take to drastically decrease the risk of ending up in a cheating casino.

cheatThere is always an element of trust involved in casino gambling, regardless of whether you play online or in a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. In a brick-an-mortar casino, there is a multitude of things that the casino operator can do to cheat their players, from using incomplete card decks at the blackjack table to employing advanced magnet systems at the roulette wheel. Gambling in a casino will always involve a leap of faith, just like we have faith that the food we purchase in the grocery store has not been tampered with and that the hotel cleaning staff isn’t cutting corners.

When we play casino games online, there are certain things that we can do to decrease the risk of being cheated. Here are a few suggestions:


  • Play in a casino with a gambling license from a reputable jurisdiction. Some license givers will basically hand out casino licenses to anyone willing to pay for them. A reputable casino jurisdiction must not just have a strict regulation in place for obtaining a license, but also for keeping the license, and the jurisdiction must be both willing and able to revoke the gambling license from any online casino that does not adhere to the regulation. If a licenser doesn’t display a list of online casino operators that have had their license revoked or suspended, this is a warning sign.
  • Play in a casino with a good reputation. A quick online search and a visit to a few gambling forums can provide you with a wealth of information.Every online casino, regardless how great it is, will have a few disgruntled gamblers (e.g. people that accept a bonus without understanding how the wager requirement works), but if an online casino starts to accumulate a much larger amount of angry members that its competitors this is cause for concern.Of course, one must try to value the validity of someones claim online. If a reputable consumer site posts an official warning regarding a certain casino while also reporting the casino to the applicable licensing authority, this will normally carry more value than when an individual gambler shouts CHEAT CHEAT CHEAT in a forum post because he is angry that his “perfect” roulette system didn’t work.
  • Play in online casinos that have their Random Number Generator (RNG) inspected by independent (reputable) inspectors.
  • Play in online casinos that are transparent about their ownership structure, board members, CEO, etc.
  • Play in a casino with game from a well-known and reputable game provider.
  • If you dislike the idea of a Random Number Generator (RNG) determining the outcome of a game, you can play in a live casino online instead. In a live casino, dealers work at real gambling tables in front of web cameras. Real decks of cards are used at the blackjack table, a real physical ball spins around in a roulette wheel at the roulette table, and so on.