How do I know that an online casino is serious?

November 30, 2015 | Uncategorized | By admin | 0 Comments

Most casinos are legit so this is usually nothing you have to worry about. This does however not mean that you should not be on the look out to avoid registering in a fraudulent casino. There is a few things that you should always check to make sure that the casino is serious.

  • The casino has a good reputation online. Every casino (online and offline) has some disgruntled ex-players that will accuse the casino of foul play, but if a casino starts attracting a larger than normal amount of criticism online it is best to stay away from that casino. This is especially true if the criticism is well substantiated and comes from sources known to be trustworthy in this field, rather than just being posted by anonymous forum members that likes to whine a bit when they have lost their money.
  • The casino has a gambling license from a reputable jurisdiction.
  • The casino has games from big and well-known game developers / game providers.
  • The casino is transparent about ownership and management.
  • The RNG is inspected by an independent and reputable third-party inspector.