Can I invoice my play?

November 30, 2015 | Money | By admin | 0 Comments

The answer to this question depends on where you reside and your personal credit score.

In some countries, such as Sweden and Finland, there are companies that will allow you to make a deposit through them and get the money into your casino account right away, and they will then send you an invoice that you pay on the expiry date. You can see them all at

moneyAlways check the fine print before you sign up for this type of invoice service, because terms and conditions do vary from one company to another. Some will not charge you any fee or interest rate as long as you pay your invoice on time.

Using an invoice service in this fashion is essentially a way of gambling on credit, a practice which comes with its own set of risks. It is pretty much the same thing as using a credit card to make a deposit into your casino account, but with an invoice service you don’t have to share any sensitive credit cardf information over the internet.