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Welcome to Games Geni. The Website where you can get all your casino questions answered by a professional. Our experts have experience as professional gamblers or employes in different online casinos. We try to provide short simple answers to all your questions. Our goal is that anyone should understand our answers. We do however sometimes give a more complex answer after an initial simplified one. We do this when we get a complex question were a simplified answer can not provide the entire truth.

geniWe welcome all questions that are related to casino gambling. We also welcome poker questions but we are not always able to answer them as fast as we can answer casino questions. This is due to the fact that we want poker questions to be answered by our poker expert.

If you want to submit a question then you can do so here. You also always find the submit question link in the top left corner of the site. We ask you to see if someone else have already asked the same question that you want to ask before you submit a question. Do this by using the search field to the right. If you can not find your question then you are welcome to submit it.

If you have a question regarding the rules and regulations of a specific casino then it is usually better to ask the customer service at that casino to help you. We are not familiar with the inner workings of all online casinos. If your question is about a game in a casino then you can choose to send it to us or to the customer service.

If you never played casino online before then we recommend that you start out by finding a good casino and play for free until you understand how the different games work. You can play for free for as long as you want to. When you feel that you are ready you can deposit money into your account and start playing using real money. That you have deposited money and started playing some games using real money does not mean that you can not keep playing other games for free.

We recommend that you set a limit for how much you can gamble for each month. Do this before you start gambling (or after reading this). By setting limits (and sticking to them) you reduce the risk of gambling addiction and that your gambling have a negative effect on your life. Gambling should be a harmless fun.

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